Rockwell Diamonds.
Written by Stewart Thomson
Monday, 25 May 2009 04:15

Rockwell Diamonds.  7 cents a share.  This is an "action" deal.  High risk.  High reward.  It's got all a speculator could ask for like fights within the board of directors and major shareholders.  The long term TRIX has crossed to a buy signal.  If you would put $50,000 in Newmont, I think the proper amt in this would be $500, if I was to buy.  Hunter D says it is "greatly undervalued".  I would say it is greatly LOW valued for 100% sure.  Whether it is undervalued or not, I don't know.  A pyramid from resistance point 15 cents could for a peak to a pyramid.  If you had more confidence in the company, you could use the 70% of 80 cents rule of thumb, giving you about 55 cents.  That would mean your larger buys would be occuring now.