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Golden Surveyor Weekly Nugget oct 13 2009
Written by Stewart Thomson
Tuesday, 13 October 2009 02:38
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GS “Weekly Nugget” – October 13, 2009


The “Ships Ahoy” chart has had the strongest monthly start since I started this in May. It seems so far there is no sign of a major down turn as many experts are predicting.


Gold is now at new highs (although not when adjusted for inflation). The 1030 mark mentioned last time was taken out – now where? The $US is now hovering around the 0.76 level and will probably fall lower as it can’t  sustain any kind of a rally which of course means higher gold prices.


My portfolio mix has remained unchanged. Cash is being held for any good bargains at sudden drops. Of course there are always buy orders in at various lower levels for gold/silver related bullion/stocks.


The RJI commodity index is continuing sideways and may break upwards as 2009 comes to an end.


Next issue will be “weekly charts”.

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