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Sub Comments. November 2010.
Written by Stewart Thomson
Monday, 08 November 2010 18:23
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Nov 9 2010:

"Thank you for guiding me through these turbulent times.

Thank you for providing me the tools to manage risk.

Thank you for developing the mental fortitude to face the markets.

Thank you for giving me a plan. "


NOV 9 2010

Hey Stu

Sure was a good day. Feels very strange placing trailing buys instead take losses. 


Nov 8:


I’ve not been out of the stock market for about 10 years. Never really lost any money when I was in, but never really went anywhere for the amount of energy I devoted to it… Said I would never do it again unless I could do it right.

I recently sold bullion into $1,500/oz (target area) to cover my basis at 300% - $400% profits.  My inner core and out core are now free and clear. Don’t think I could have done that without your service and Big Jim.  

Here I go. As of today I am in gold stocks and natural gas with what I believe is the knowledge to win.

I look forward to a lifetime of buying weakness, selling strength and accumulating wealth… or whatever else life dishes out, as this rule applies to everything.

An appreciative customer,

The Golden J

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