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Pgen Testimonials. Oct 17-24
Written by Stewart Thomson
Saturday, 16 October 2010 21:17
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"Here's my report card: I tend to use more of your elevator pgen to reduce my trades, but I have maxed out my two years of TFSA contribution and the account currently stands at a net increase of 72% with 48 % cash balance. If you'd told me before that was possible, I'd have accused you of blowing sunshine!"

- The CMan on the Gold Coast.


"I have been trading since 1973. There are only 3 methods of trading that I have seen in that time that I believe give you a chance to make money over your trading lifetime. Stewart Thomson is one of those methods.  I highly  recommend that you subscribe to his website and read him every day if you are interested in the markets and learning the lifetime skill of trading. I have made incredibly stupid mistakes in trading over the years. So has Stewart Thomson, and he readily admits it, but what he does now is solid common sense. It is excellent at risk management and wealth accumulation which are the keys to surviving in the markets."

Below is his Tues. Oct. 12 letter.

-Doctor Heclar

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