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Gold Lion Jul 30. 2010
Written by Stewart Thomson
Friday, 30 July 2010 14:44
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"You are STILL THE ONLY site where you put your own money where your mouth is.  Given we may have close to 1000 newsletter morons out there, is it any wonder the GC (gold community) is broke and demoralized????


The GC follows the advice of all these dim wits that are GETTING PAID to give the GC advice on how to consistently lose in the Gold market .


Again i point out HOW STUPID so many people are that they stick around for more abuse!


Graceland SHOULD AND MUST become the BEST WORLDWIDE letter because IT WORKS and because writing B.S is something you do not do!


Have a good weekend and lets try to meet next week unless you are fully booked loading up more wheel barrels!"

 -GoldLion Jul 30, 2010, 330pm.

"PS STRONG surge by HUI going into close bodes well for Gold going even higher Monday.  Remember what HUI "normally" does when CDN mkts are closed!” 

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