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Testimonials - May 20, 2010
Written by gugold
Thursday, 20 May 2010 14:33
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Stewart: Thanks again for your help for we who are small investors. I can trade much easier following your guidelines. This week when gold stocks were down I told my wife the coach says buy and I did and began selling with good profit today. I'm up 18% from my original investment and on my own I would have lost it without your coaching. The $99 fee was nothing compared to the stress that I have lost because of your insight. Thanks,Jim.  Aug 31 2009



Just sent a few recent letters to two of my son friends. I cannot put to words the feeling I have of being able to expose my son at 22 and his friends to the mindset you teach. They start in the Graceland gym at age 22 with $10,000 or $25,000 or $40,000 and they have the next 40-50 years to put to practice the muscle pattern. Some of these youngsters will build new businesses, some will change the world - whatever they do they will not be victims of the market!  Expect a whole wave of young subs to come your way soon. Thank you


Whao Stewart,


Yesterday was really good but today was FANTASTIC! I haven't had this much investing fun EVER!  I was a day trader with moderate success, but didn't like being stuck at the computer trading all day, same with trading e-mini & y-minis.  Today, I was enjoying the KACHING, KACHING, it is amazing.  I set my buy-ins and sells and go out and do stuff during the day.  This pyramid concept is the REAL DEAL. 


I love the updates and look forward to them with anticipation, can't wait for the interviews and other "stuff" you have planned.  Kudos to Superman, he's going a SUPER job.


MT mar 19 09


Stewart; I hate to say it but, I have been trading the Gartman method for most of my life, (i'm 63). It seemed to work in bull markets but I have to admit the last 3 years in the Gold sector has killed me. I am desperate to try something new. That's why I've tried your service. My trading account is about $60,000 and invested in GDX with an avgerage of 36.92. So I'm just about even. I held through the most recent quick decline mostly because of your method. I would have had a stop just below the neck line. And been stopped out! With $ 60,000 I am wondering what size of trade I should be looking at? Glad I'm listened to your letters over ther weekend!  Mar 2009


Hi Stewart


You may as well add me to the parade. 2 Yamana trades in 2 days. One for 12.7% and the one this morning BOOKED at 18%. Followed by 2 SLW trades. One for 14.7% the other at 16.4%. Oh and a AXU trade for 31.7% thrown in for good measure!


Again, you're one of the highlights of my day. THANK YOU!!  May 2009


Hey Stewart,


The Kaching bells have been ringing the last ten days in a row and since 1/1/09 I have BOOKED 12.4% profits on my entire portfolio.  From early'08, I moved out of dividend stocks to exclusively gold, oil & commodities.  I had layered in with the stratosphere approach, but really didn't have a name for the approach until your news letter.  I have been using a modified pyramid approach since your newsletter which fits my investment style.  You have really changed my entire investing outlook and no longer sweat the market.  I just buy weakness and sell strength in pre-set prices.  The only "problem" I have is monitoring the buys & sells and booking the profits.............hahahaha!  Who cares what the yah-whos on the "tube" or the newsletter writers (your the exception) have to say.  You're the MAN!  May 2009



Hi Stewart,
1: I signed up to your subscription service about 6 weeks ago.
2:  Im based in Australia.  We dont know much about Ice Hockey, Australian Rules Football is our game.  So, my ambition wasnt to put pucks in the net.  It was to kick goals.
3:  Since I started pyramiding Ive been kicking a lot of goals.
4:  One goal is $100.  I trade gold and aussie gold equities.
6:  To date Ive kicked 25 goals.  In a range-bound market.  And Ive just got started. 
Heres to you, my friend.  Thanks for the pyramid (albeit, a truncated one).
Regards, may 2009

This mail sets gold’s course for the immediate future and is extremely importance. Aug 3 2009


Wow, the new generator is the bomb... 4.2.09


Sorry Stewart,
I cant hear you above the din of the AUD and AUD gold cash registers roaring!
Not to mention the building whine from the now-spooling-up junior buying turbofan as my favourite juniors collapse in a complete selling panic.  Go Merkel, go!
Sorry Stewart,
I cant hear you above the din of the AUD and AUD gold cash registers roaring!
Not to mention the building whine from the now-spooling-up junior buying turbofan as my favourite juniors collapse in a complete selling panic.  Go Merkel, go!


-Subscriber Gold Thunda Down Unda!


I have concluded that you are freaking brilliant, dude. 

The Pgen is, in the words of your countryman Mike Myers’s SNL character, Linda Richman, “like buttah”. 

Have a good night!

GU Sub “Mr. New York” 


I have listened to you write about folks who lose their shorts in the stock market - wiped out.  I really have never met someone personally who literally got wiped out until yesterday.  A new work colleague of mine was telling me how he had ALL is money - everything - on margin last year when the stock market took a dive - he lost EVERY PENNY - he told me he even OWED money! 

All I could think about was you - and how lucky I was to have found your website.  I told this guy about you and your strategy - buy weakness - sell strength - NO PRICE PLOPPING!    He was taking notes like crazy on a napkin.  He wrote down your website and I am quite sure he will be a devoted sub for you......who wouldn't?

And I have to tell you - my attitude "pre-stewart" when gold was declining  was -ugh - oh no!  Now all I feel is like a woman who has found the an AWESOME 1/2 price sale at the mall on all the things I love - and NO ONE IS THERE to buy!!  I have the sale all to myself!  I can buy my gold at a discount! 

-gu sub May 20, 2010



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