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May 2010 Testimonials
Written by Stewart Thomson
Thursday, 13 May 2010 11:35
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Graceland Updates.  May 2010 Testimonials.


“Wow, I'm exhausted.  I mean really tired.  All those Kachingo's started hurting my ears.  This is probably the best day I've ever had in the market.  Tons of booked wins.  Thousands of dollars.  Reduced my exposure (risk).  Very nice.


During the spike down last Thursday, I was just able to buy some DDM and some other stuff that I've now sold.  My GG LEAPs are doing well again and I've sold a lot of that (20 contracts so far today at a couple hundred dollars profit per contract).  It's at 3.12 and if it hits 3.20 today, I have another sell in for 7 more contracts for another 1K of profit.  (Darn - sorry about my language - while I was writing this, 3 more Kachingo's FXC/GDX/GDXJ and one more buy - SDS - went off).”

 –GU sub



Stewart, Wanted to thank you again, and the good fortune I have had in running into your website and pgen system!


I have had 19 total Kachingos in CEF and GDXJ in the past 4 months for over $3,000 in booked profits!


In the past, I would have sat and watched market go up and down, having been fully invested at a specific point, like most of my friends are. 

They watch -- I book profits.



GU sub

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