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Kachingo Testlimonial Oct 29 2009
Written by Stewart Thomson
Thursday, 29 October 2009 11:14
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Sgt Kachingo here.  Your last five missives have been spot (all others are too) but these have been especially good morale boosters.  This WAR requires our unwavering attention to the "pgens" we've put in place.  Yeah we can look at charts and listen to the sounds of the enemy but we must disregard them for the  propaganda it is.  We must lay down a field of fire so the enemy can't get our money, and we MUST lay in many levels with ever increasing bullets as price weakness occurs because when price strength returns we can kaching with trading shares, double/triple kaching with outter core trades and finally have battle victory while hold the inner core flag.
To brief you on yesterday's schurmish, bought three levels on one play and today scored a kaching on that very play on todays opening bell - if you hadn't drummed the pegen field of fire into me the one-day kaching would have been lost!
I see a field of market gurus flattened buy the pgen tankl...........OH THE HUMANITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Over and Out as more kachings are coming in.  
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