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Testlimonial Oct 29 2009
Written by Stewart Thomson
Thursday, 29 October 2009 09:41
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Great info today.  LOVE the imbedded charts that can be easily accessed -  really good.

So, thought I was overloaded on USG as trading, but thanks to your info, moved a chunk up to outer core so I can add another pyramid-down.

Feels so good to watch eagerly as gold, gas, etc. sink.  Gimmee, gimmee more, hee hee.  Oh, they're going up?  Sadly, I'm putting the sell pgns in place.

There used to be a weird form of psychotherapy that had schizophrenics saying "Mommie and I are one" that seemed to help them.  My variant that sure helps me is "The banksters and I are one."
-gu sub
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